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Personal Brand ensures your competitive edge

How do you become and stay more competitive in this rapidly changing landscape, whether you’re on a traditional corporate ladder, or in a corporate lattice model — or somewhere between the two? You develop a strong personal brand. To fully understand and embrace the power of personal branding, the first question you should ask yourself […]

The Laws of Branding

There was no way the laws of branding were not going to stick in my mind. Our Art & Brand Coordinator Udwin Moyo has this huge print on his walls about branding, and I always laugh with him because he is so intrigued with the various concepts and strategies spread out on that big print. […]

3 Types of People at Work Who Waste Your Time

Time Vampires are needy, thirsty, selfish creatures who, given an opportunity, will suck up all of your time and energy and leave you weak and debilitated. Being able to recognize these vampires on sight is the first step in protecting yourself from them. Being willing to deal with them as you would an evil, blood-sucking […]

It’s now survival of the fittest

2019 has started in style for everybody, it hasn’t been easy for the majority of us in business. Battling from the unavailability of cash to various discrepancies in the economy, to the major shut downs and looting. It surely makes doing business very difficult. Many of us are caught in the precarious position of being […]