If you’re curious how the nominations and the award winners are selected it’s basically this:

Megafest Holdings Calls for Nominations which are done through our network events twice a year, March and July. An adjudication panel (that don’t know each other) then goes through the submissions to select the winner.

Each Megafest Business Award Recipient is nominated by local consumers through our undercover survey and through our networking events; the results were compiled, sorted and confirmed, before contacting any nominated business or professional. However, an extensive background search on the company and individuals is conducted as part of our selection process.

Items ranging from years of experience to customer service procedures are discussed, and specific questions regarding the business’ hiring criteria of its employees, insurance coverage status and any pending litigation against the company are also addressed.

Prior to the Megafest Business Awards designating the business or individual as the recipient for a particular category, the final and most important step in its selection process is to research and discern an owner/operator’s reputation in the community, based on a factual track record.
Therefore, when you call any of our Megafest Business Award Recipients to inquire about their respective services, know you can do so with assurance that these are businesses worthy of this notable distinction!

Consumer feedback is the genesis of our selection process. To even be considered for our award, a business must first be nominated by local consumers. A company’s track record with pleasing customers and standing behind its work is usually indicative of what kind of reputation its owner/operator has in the community. For that reason, all the nominations we obtain from consumers through our mediums serve as a credible point of reference from which Megafest Business Award begins its search.

Awards Nomination

To be clear though, this is not a popularity contest to see who receives the most nominations. A collective point of view of all consumers in the marketplace is the goal we’re trying to achieve as a first step.