Business Consultancy.

Consultancy involves obtaining in-depth understanding of a client organisation’s requirements and then identifying or designing appropriate solutions and finally supporting the client to implement the solution.

Strategy Formulation & Execution Support.

In addition to facilitating strategic planning sessions, Megafest Business Coaching also provides strategy implementation (execution) support to client organisations. The execution support entails performance tracking to ensure that set goals are accomplished.

Strategy Review.

Having realised that most organisational strategies die a premature death due to lack of follow-through, Megafest Business Coaching designed this service to assist organisations to regularly review their departmental and organisational progress in pursuit of their strategic goals.

Team Building.

Megafest Business Coaching is a leader in the facilitation of team building workshops focused on developing high performance teams. Guided by the Appreciative Inquiry framework, Megafest Business Coaching provides a unique and highly effective approach to team building.

Customer Service Training.

Megafest Business Coaching provides a complete range of training workshops for producing legendary customer service. The workshops offered cover all levels of an organisation’s hierarchy. The training provided focuses in delivering quality customer service at the lowest level, managing quality customer service for middle management and leading quality customer service for the executive level.


Having been exposed to leadership programs through regional and international programs run by the WK Kellogg Foundation as well as the British Council, Megafest Business Coaching provides cutting edge leadership development programs in a uniquely engaging manner that facilitates maximum participation and assimilation of concepts by participants.

Management Essentials.

This service, provided in the form of a workshop, is typically delivered either as a refresher course for experienced managers or as an introductory/orientation course for new managers. Either way it provides practical and readily applied strategies for greatly enhancing managerial effectiveness.

Performance Management.

With a well-designed and brilliantly executed performance management system organisational performance can improve dramatically. The performance management training service provided by Megafest Business Coaching provides an easy to follow step by step process for implementing a new performance management system or revamping an existing one.

Events & Project Management.

Regardless of one’s area of expertise every manager is required to initiate and successfully complete projects at one time or another. This workshop demystifies project management and empowers every manager to be a project manager and hence be in a position to successfully initiate, manage and complete projects.


Through sheer talent, immense energy and infectious enthusiasm, Megafest Business Coaching is able to conduct motivational sessions that jump-start and re-energise participants to re-focus on their priorities with renewed vigour and zeal. Motivation, according to Megafest Business Coaching, is action rather than just a feel-good emotion.


As the first company to provide performance coaching to its clients Megafest Business Coaching has gained significant experience and sharpened its skills in this area. Through face-to-face regular coaching session clients effectiveness is measurably, and in some cases, dramatically improved.

Personal Effectiveness.

Every organisations is made up of individuals. Organisational results ultimately are nothing more than the sum total of the individual’s effectiveness of all the individuals that make up the organisations. In recognition of this fact Megafest Business Coaching provides personal effectiveness workshop that are aimed at empowering individuals to enhance their personal effectiveness to achieve greater success in their different roles in life.

Key Note Presentations.

Megafest Business Coaching provides engaging and talented presenters for keynote presentations according to client’s requests tailored to suit different occasions. Generally the guiding philosophy for Megafest Business Coaching’s keynote presentations is Inspi-tainment (inspirational presentations that are also entertaining).