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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are we a media house or an award giving company?

Megafest is a national awards program which has for the past 11 years been recognising success, innovation and ethics across all industry sectors. The awards honour Zimbabwe’s industry leaders through the acknowledgment of innovative business processes, business excellence and overall business success. We have also spread our wings to South Africa with the same ethos of doing business.

Credibility of the number of awards that we have.

The Megafest Business Awards offer entrants, finalists and winners a range of experiences and opportunities that extend far beyond that incredible winning moment. Just ask one of the many businesses that have entered to date. Because while a Megafest Business Award recognises the current achievements of a business, it also opens up the possibility of many more in the future.

Over the past 11 years the scope of our focus has widened to include the whole of Zimbabwe. To achieve this we had to segment the market according to Regions, namely, Northern Region, Southern Region, Midlands, Masvingo and Eastern Region. This is so as to bring a balance and equal participation for all without overally stretching ourselves.

We also have specific sector awards that include local government and Public Sector Awards, Leadership awards and Women in Business awards. We are arguably the leading pacesetters based on our numbers and the quality of people we attract.

Criteria used for the Awards?

The Megafest Business Awards judging panel aims to recognise the best businesses in the country. They follow a broad range of criteria to find and celebrate the most deserving Zimbabwean businesses or personalities. They remain anonymous yet professional and act as mystery shoppers to eliminate possible canvasing and manipulation of the entire process. This has worked well for us and remains one of our strongest strategic intent.

Who Nominates?

Anyone can nominate a business for the Megafest Business Awards which are open to any business that is located within the Zimbabwean boundary. We will consider nominations from the wider Zimbabwean Sectorial Regions; however, they will need to verify how the business contributes to their specific region.

You could be a client or supplier to the business you wish to nominate, or you may be an advisor or even a staff member.If you are the business owner you can, of course, nominate yourself. (we will however protect the persons nominating for obvious professional reasons).

We have tried to keep this simple so all we need to know is:
• Who you are
• Who you wish to nominate
• A note on the reason you are nominating them for the Awards.

How do I contribute in the Magazine as a writer?

We’re looking for fresh perspectives on topics our readers care about. To ensure you’re offering an original idea:

a). Search the site. You’ll discover what topics our readers enjoy and what we’ve already written on a topic or category. Make sure the article you pitch offers something our readers and editors haven’t seen.

b). Consider your personal experience. What problems have you overcome? What unique perspectives can you bring? Tell that story.

c). Look to current events. News events and industry changes might spark an article only you can write. Consider if you have insights into how a change might impact current practices and how business owners can be prepared.

Stories that don’t give readers actionable advice or takeaways likely won’t be selected for publication. To us, advice means usable, numbered tips readers can put to use right away. Tips should be clear enough for a reader to put into action right away. The best tips are often ideas our readers haven’t seen before but offer them a new solution to a common problem.

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